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COPYandPAY External Tokenization

COPYandPAY allows you to securely collect card, bank account or customer data from shopper and initiate provisioning of an external token with the third party vendor.

Use cases

How it works

Standalone tokenization

Store payment data for later use.

Prepare the checkout

Send the request parameters server-to-server to initialize the tokenization form.

In the request, send only createToken=EXTERNAL without payment information like amount, currency and paymentType

Create the tokenization form

Display the tokenization form on your checkout page. Shopper submits the card information to create external token.

Get the tokenization status

Find out if the external token was successful.

The external token can be retrieve from the response from the tokenAccount object

1. Prepare the checkout

2. Create the tokenization form

3. Get the tokenization status

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