Afterpay Pacific

Afterpay Pacific/Clearpay

Follow this guide to add Afterpay Pacific/Clearpay to your checkout.

Brand constants to be used:
  • AFTERPAY_PACIFIC - Afterpay Pacific
  • CLEARPAY - Clearpay

Payment methods availability:

  • Afterpay Pacific since mSDK version 6.8.0
  • Clearpay since mSDK version 6.10.0


Ready-to-Use UI

SDK & Your Own UI

If you use our mSDK just for backend communication, you will have to go through the Afterpay Pacific SDK integration as well. In this guide we assume you already implemented all steps for performing standard mSDK transaction. There are 3 main steps:

1. Get Afterpay Pacific redirect checkout url

First of all, create AfterpayPacificPaymentParams/ClearpayPaymentParams object and submit a transaction and Server will return:

  • redirect checkout url to redirect transaction to the Afterpay Pacific.
  • callback url to complete the transaction after all.
  • failure callback url to handle the failure/cancel transaction.

NOTE: To learn more about shopper result url refer to Asynchronous Payments guide.

2. Proceed with the Afterpay Pacific Mobile SDK

3. Notify Server about payment completion

NOTE: Expected response from callback urls is a redirect to the shopper result url. You might want to check that status and location of redirect url are valid, or it's also an option just to ignore the response. Request payment status as usual to get final result of the transaction.